Drawing/painting in nature.

Why with me? My experience is that it can be difficult to get yourself to enjoy drawing or painting in nature in a relaxed way. There are obstacles to overcome; all the stuff, the weather, where exactly will you sit? Finding an inspiring quiet spot ... etc. etc. Before you know, the moment has passed and you haven't been able to work the way you intended.

You can benefit from the experience and the solutions I already found.

Main goal; to enjoy nature and the drawing or painting of it. This is more important than the result.

We'll let ourselves be creative without the need for compliments (or criticism) from the outside world. We'll engage in drawing and painting inspired by nature like we already dreamt of doing (dormant or active) for so long.  

Exploring nature and the earth consciously for about one and a half to two hours. Take a chance to recharge from this growth resource. This source is continuously available and all around us, but in nature it is very easily available. Then we can cope better in this changing world.

My method; take with you only the strictly necessary! I'll send you a take-out list.

What you can expect from me:

- That I strive for a respectful working atmosphere in which you can quietly do your own thing.

- That I send you a nice and suitable location that can be reached by bicycle via Whatsapp for that moment.

- That in bad weather we have an indoor place to divert.

- That I will also try to work myself so that you can try out my ways of approach or skills for yourself. You can always ask me for tips.

- That we can discuss afterwards how it went or felt.

- That I create a whatsapp or facebook group where we can share information about location and / or images centrally

- That I will always act as helpful, informative, stimulating and flexible as possible

- That I will address everyone on their own responsibility if necessary.

- That I will change this text a few more times :) What I wish for you and expect from you:

- That you come with your own transport and that you bring your own material, water, food and waste bag, if necessary. bring toilet paper.

- That you will feel safe enough to follow your own inspiration.

- That you are working individually.

- That you come with a warm interest, love and wonder for nature, with respect for its inhabitants and fellow painters.

- That you let me know the nice or less nice experiences.

Wishing you a lot of creativity, pleasure and fun!

For more information or consultation on which materials you want to use, email me at erica-huber@hotmail.com.

Lovely to hear from you!


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